About Load Board King

Our load board company was founded with one simple mission: Provide truckers with a powerful yet simple and affordable load board that can be used anywhere.

Truck Load

LoadBoardKing.com is the largest shipper to carrier web site in the United States. Our unique Mobile First design incorporates the latest technologies as well as a robust communication channel including email notifications and text messaging. The result: streamlined operations and profitable relationships.

Unlike other load boards, there’s no waiting period to start finding loads; just sign up and find loads. Just like the trucking business, simplicity, speed and efficiency is our focus as well. LoadBoardKing.com provides freight matching services with an easy-to-use interface for carriers and shippers to efficiently do business. We employ technology that can drive efficiency in the logistics industry.

As competition increases in the trucking industry, your organization needs new and alternative ways to maximize your loaded miles and revenues. With the power of the Internet, you can instantly increase your loads and your business. LoadBoardKing.com freight matching service is just what you need to deliver.